Portrait to order in Odessa:

Your attention is offered the services of a professional artist in writing portraits to order. Writing portraits from a photo to order in Odessa, painting pictures to order, as well as other artwork.

Painting is considered to be the best decoration for any apartment. A picture on the wall of any apartment – a shop, an office or a restaurant has always been an object of a good taste, that is why many owners of respectable institutions try to get a few picture into their collection, to emphasize the grace of their style.

How much does it cost to paint a portrait from a photo:

of people

in portrait
20х30сm. 30х40сm. 40х50сm. 50х60сm. 60х80сm.
1 UAH 1000 UAH 1400 UAH 1800 UAH 2500 UAH 3000
2 UAH 1200 UAH 1600 UAH 2200 UAH 3200 UAH 3800
3 UAH 1400 UAH 1800 UAH 2600 UAH 3600 UAH 4200
4 UAH 1600 UAH 2200 UAH 3000 UAH 4000 UAH 4600
5   UAH 2500 UAH 3500 UAH 4500 UAH 5000

Prepayment 30%. Prepayment is not refundable.

A portrait from a photograph in pencil on paper with dimensions of 30x40cm. Price from 300 UAH.


Besides that, the picture, that was bought, will come down from father to son, and thus will guarantee the prosperity of descendants. Investment into the art helps painter to create and allows them to have means to buy paint and materials.

Choosing of the picture is very important and sometimes laborious process. It is very important that the future owner must like this picture, and it must blend with the interior and bring esthetic satisfaction to them.

 If you will prefer the exclusive work, made specially for you, then the best variant will be the order of subject that you like, with all wishes taken into consideration. Youcanfindmyworksincorrespondingpagesofthewebsite.

 Picture to order is a great and really generous and refined souvenir for your relatives, friends and the chief.

 Pictures painted in oils to order are made by the professional artist, with higher art education, made from quality materials, with observance of all classic technologies of painting, that leaves no doubts, that paint on the picture will never grow dark and crack.

 Maybe someone will be interested in portrait by photo to order.

Portrait to order is the unique present for ourselves and friends. Portrait in house is a symbol of prosperity and taste, however, as many other art works in the interior.

 The author offers you his services such as making portraits taken from life or from photo. If you have the memorable date, jubilee or you just want to make a pleasant thing for a close person, the best choice for you will be the portrait painted in oils made by the artist on canvas. The portrait to order will further to a good mood and will easily become the symbol of any celebration.  A portrait is the thing that you will always remember.

 Examples of portraits you can see here.

 Art works painted in oils on canvas cost from 800 uah.

Take into consideration that making a portrait painted in oils on canvas will take nearly 14 days. Make your orders in advance.

 It is possible to make portraits in pastel drawing on toning paper, or with a pencil – a price you can make more exact by the phone.

 Also you should mention, that the number of people on the portrait, terms and the size of the picture influence the price.

Deliveryispossiblein Ukraine. The author reserves choosing the client for himself.