Painting to order in Odessa. Pictures to order.

  “Painting is the poetry that is seen
and poetry is the painting that is felt. "
Leonardo da Vinci ...

We offer you the production of paintings to order, writing paintings at the request of the customer in Odessa. Here you can order a picture of the artist in Odessa.


Painting has always been considered the best decoration of any room! Painting on the wall of a restaurant or hotel, hotel, lounge, etc. It will favorably emphasize the refinement of the taste of the owner of the establishment; therefore, many now choose artists to order a painting in Odessa.

In past centuries, the order of paintings was available only to privileged persons, nobility, and nobles. However, today a picture made to order can decorate almost any home. To order a picture of an artist should be at least in order to feel like a representative of the ancient class of aristocrats.

Paintings, like other art objects, represent a unique component of a person’s cultural life. They are capable of influencing our life like nothing else, adding colors, emotions, bright impressions and diversity in it. Painting in the most positive way affects the person and his mood. The art of painting can change everything around: painting to order can give the simplest interior a romantic atmosphere and noble charm.


These circumstances are pushing many to order a picture in Odessa. Painting and paintings as objects of art allow their owner to join the world of art. A person comprehends new heights of beauty, he begins to look at the world with completely different eyes, see beauty and harmony in it and naturally tries to recreate this harmony in his environment.


That is why it is so important not to make a mistake in choosing an artist who will make custom paintings for your nest. Ordering a picture in Odessa today is very easy, but you should not forget that the ordered picture should fit not only your interior, but also your heart.


That is why this site presents a variety of paintings by the author, made in different genres, styles and directions. You can view the pictures on the site, and make your choice in favor of a particular style.

Absolutely all the works of art that you see on this site are original original paintings, in which the author has enclosed a piece of his soul and hard work.


Painting to order in Odessa allows artists to continue their creative activities, and owners of paintings to replenish their collections of works of art. Author's paintings, portraits custom-made in a single copy are of particular value - after all, they reflect the inner world of the customer. In this sense, the customer of the paintings becomes the same creator as the artist himself.


Many ask their friends - where to order a picture? .. How to order a picture on the Internet? ... Do they write pictures to order in Odessa? .. etc. All this serves as an additional confirmation of the fact that the life of a modern person is reflected in art. Almost anyone wants to possess an object of art, to touch the greatest mystery of the creation of the beautiful. Beauty and harmony have always attracted the attention of people. Therefore, now, more than ever, the service of painting for a particular interior has become popular. Many collectors attend exhibitions of works by contemporary artists, communicate with critics and the artists themselves - and only then make their choice.


The main value of painting by modern masters is that they paint their paintings without having political or religious restrictions in the choice of themes for their work. On this site you can order a painting, painting by a modern artist, quite famous in Odessa. Each of these paintings can become a truly invaluable decoration of any interior, as well as take a worthy place in your collection.

Paintings to order in Odessa, as well as other works of art will never lose their material and spiritual values. Paintings, painting to order can be a wonderful gift available to everyone! Painting to order will bring a lot of positive emotions to its new owner and will serve as a pleasant reminder of the person who gave you this picture.


We suggest you to get acquainted with the pictures of the author:

Landscape painting;
Still life;
Portrait by photo.


Modern painting to order in Odessa is now very diverse and unpredictable. In this abundance of painting it is sometimes difficult to choose a picture that is consonant with the inner world of the customer and the future owner. Therefore, you should not hurry, you can meet with the artist, read reviews about his works and exhibitions, see live on his paintings, try to touch his inner world, and only if it echoes yours - it is worth making an order.

Ordering paintings in Odessa is a way to open the doors of your self for art and inspiration. When ordering pictures, you admit the beautiful to your home and inner world. Painting to order deserves a separate recognition and appreciation of its owners and customers.

Odessa is a wonderful and wonderful city with beautiful landscapes and unique Odessa architecture. And Odessa courtyards have long overshadowed the popularity of Paris and New York with their coloring! Odessa artists, without any doubt, are among the most talented people in the world, and probably this is why many people today want to order paintings with Odessa landscapes. Indeed, the picture with the Odessa theme favorably differs against the background of simple flowers or pots ... The Odessa landscape in the picture is a part of the southern sun and the sea, and therefore such pictures with the Odessa landscape are often popular with guests of our city, as well as with restaurant owners and hotels, whose brand is closely related to the Odessa theme.


Usually, painting a picture to order takes a long time. But what to do if you need a picture right now, and you do not have additional time for its production?

We offer you the opportunity to choose ready-made paintings in Odessa. They are finished and fully prepared for exposure, you can purchase them at any time. The presence of certain paintings check with the artist.

Order a picture artist Odessa

 Each picture of the artist, custom-made unique. Even the author himself cannot exactly reproduce the same picture of himself. In a well-written, and close to you in the mood of the picture you will always find something new for yourself, a new nuance or touch. After all, a picture to order, unlike a photo, doesn’t show us anything just like that - there are no accidents there, and everything that the artist depicted on his canvas was not accidentally overlooked, but consciously inscribed by the artist in accordance with his individual vision of the composition of the picture, its color and stylistic decisions.


Try to discover for yourself and in yourself the wonderful world of painting, try to order a painting, at least one and you will not be able to pass by exhibitions indifferently and not be interested in the world of art.