Practical advice from professionals when buying paintings in Odessa.

Buy a painting in Odessa today - this means delivering to yourself and your loved ones the aesthetic pleasure of contemplating it, and also this will ensure the financial well-being of your family in the future - after all, painting over the years only becomes more expensive.

We recommend to read the recommendations when buying pictures!

Buy pictures on the Internet is very easy. Through the Internet you can not only buy a picture, but also get acquainted with the work of many artists, and this gives you a huge advantage, because you can choose from a very large assortment.

Choosing paintings for sale, you will no doubt be able to find exactly what you like.
When buying paintings on the Internet, pay attention to the availability of the price tag. There are situations when the sellers of paintings overstate the real price, seeing your interest in the work of art and the willingness to buy it.

Try to find independent artists. As a rule, galleries and salons lead in search engines on request: Buy a painting Odessa, Paintings to order, Sell paintings in Odessa, but keep in mind that the price of a painting in Odessa may include a fee for your consultation, for mediation services, etc. d. If you want to buy a painting in Odessa, keep in mind the importance of personal contact with the author, communicating with him, you can understand more deeply the creative aspects of his paintings, learn what inspires him, and eventually you can ask for an autograph as a souvenir. Personal contact with artists is important not only in the sale of paintings, perhaps you will also be interested in a picture to order, made by an artist. If you like the writing style of this artist, his attitude and the way he conveys it on canvas - you can order a painting in Odessa from this artist with a plot that you like.


If you have a desire to purchase the work of the author, you can get acquainted with his paintings in categories:
Landscape painting;
Still life;
Portrait by photo.


Buying paintings in Odessa is also complicated by the fact that many people are lost in the choice of paintings due to the fact that they are poorly versed in art. Buy a picture in Odessa is easy enough, but you should also know what you should first pay attention to. Try to buy paintings from artists with their own individual style. Copies and imitations have always been considered the rules of bad taste - such pictures certainly will not become more expensive with time. Of course, no one has the right to discourage you from buying paintings in the style of Van Gogh or Monet, especially since now many artists are copying the style of Gapchinska or even Safronov, but think about what those who have the originals of these artists think later. But there are a lot of collectors looking for innovative and unique ideas embodied in the paintings. And this makes sense, because professionals invest in paintings of those artists whose names are recognizable even with a cursory glance at the picture.

Painting of Odessa is replete with names. Odessa gave the world a lot of talented masters of painting, sculpture, literature and many other types of art. Maybe that's why tourists come here from all over the world, and are looking for an opportunity to buy paintings with Odessa landscapes for memory. Paintings depicting Odessa landscapes took a separate place in the collection of local attractions. Such paintings put up for sale in the salons and galleries of Odessa are in great demand in the summer, when large ships enter our city and curious tourists walk for hours through the Odessa streets. It is quite natural that after contemplating charming Odessa architecture, they want to take something with them as a souvenir. Postcards and photographs have already lost their former attractiveness - because now everyone has a camera, apparently, therefore, many visitors want to buy paintings and paintings by real artists in Odessa.

The painting of Odessa artists has a clear advantage over other types of souvenirs, as it is a work of art, and over the years it has only increased in price.

If you decide to buy a painting in Odessa, not for the sake of a souvenir or a gift, but for the sake of investing in art, it is recommended to study the biography and creative way of the artist, to visit his exhibitions, to get acquainted with reviews of visitors. Possession of this information about the artist will help you calculate the potential of his creative growth, and accordingly the value of his paintings.
Appreciate the dedication of a person to this business, as a rule, doing art does not bring much profit to artists, and therefore many, even having an artistic education, give up this business immediately after graduation. Remember also that real talent depends little on the degree of education. Artists, whose paintings were highly appreciated by admirers of art, show us tremendous restraint, undergoing vital problems they still remain devoted to their work.

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The interior of the room and painting to order are designed to complement each other. It is necessary to buy a picture in such a way that the painting and the interior echo each other and look one.
To achieve this effect, it is recommended to order pictures from the artist, having previously agreed with him the features of the room where his painting will be located.
Perhaps the artist will select a ready-made picture for you, and you will only have to buy a picture, instead of waiting for you to make paintings to order.
You can order a painting in Odessa directly from the artist by calling on the phones on this site.


Paintings are a versatile piece of art that is universally suitable for all celebrations and events. A picture as a gift is always a pleasant and surprising surprise! Buying a picture for a gift is not easy, but exciting.
When choosing paintings as a gift, you should take into account the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you will make this gift, the tastes of its surroundings and preferences in the style of the interior.
If you decide to order a picture as a gift, carefully consider the genre of performance - it should harmoniously overlap with the character of its future owner.

Most often, such a service as a picture as a gift is relevant for a birthday or for March 8. Without a doubt, a more romantic gift than an oil painting on canvas is hard to imagine.
It can be a portrait to order on a photograph, painted in oil on canvas, or a picture with a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet with flowers on an oil painting will please the owner with its freshness and remind of the person who has presented this picture.
If you have a desire to make an exclusive and truly unforgettable gift, you can buy a painting for a company manager or business partner. It is known that such people understand and appreciate gifts in the form of paintings. Often they even have their own collection of paintings.
You can order a picture of the artist in Odessa, where the elements of business attributes of the person to whom you are going to give it or his company will be depicted.

Buy a picture - it means to make yourself and your friends a gift that will always be in sight. You can buy a picture for the New Year or for an anniversary, a wedding anniversary, and you will forever leave a trace of gratitude and a good memory of yourself.

Buy a picture in Odessa is especially nice if the author is willing to make concessions. Especially if you are going to buy not one, but several pictures, or even a series of pictures about Odessa - bargain boldly! Sale of paintings in Odessa is essentially no different from other types of sales. Please note that if the artist is ready for you to make a discount on the paintings in half, then most likely this is not the original. As a rule, artists greatly value their creations, so beware of fakes.
Picture frames recommend buying yourself. The frame is designed not only to decorate the painting in Odessa, but also to harmoniously fit into your interior, display your preferences and tastes.

For real immersion in the world of painting, it is sometimes not enough just to buy a painting in Odessa. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your new purchase, about the artist from whom you bought the painting, what was the reason for your acquaintance and whether you liked the person as a person. As a result, you will not only get a lot of valuable advice from your loved ones, but also help increase the cost of the purchased picture from the now famous artist!