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Valery Matsyuk – the artist, the photographer and the designer.

Graduated from artistic school named after Kostandi in Odessa

Graduated from SouthukrainianStatePedagogicalUniversity named after K.D.Ushinsky in 2002.


Was taught by Adolf Ivanovich Loza and many other teachers.

During studying participated in artistic exhibitions and got books and periodicals up with graphics.

Author’s works are published in periodicals:


In 2000 the book with poetry named ‘Lystopadoviy grym’, by Viktor Stelmah was designed by works of V.Matsyuk.

In 2003 the collection of poems by the same author was published with the name ‘Svavillya bilogo buzku’, that was also designed by V.Matsyuk.

Pictures of V.Matsyuk are published in ‘Dums’ka ploscha’ newspaper from 12 October, 2001.

In 1999 on pedagogic faculty of SSPU after K.D.Ushinsky the students’ science articles collection is published, where author’s works are published.

In 2002 ‘Nasha Shkola’ magazine published the report of V.Matsyuk about methods of diagnostics of school lessons’ quality.


After graduating the university worked as a teacher of imitative arts in school №50 for three years. Later worked as a teacher in preparatory department of Odessa Theatrical-Artistic specialized school. Also gave lessons in youth club ‘Rovesnik’.


In his works the author tries to take beauty of native land with help of pictures and photos to people’s hearts. Maybe, that is why every his work is a search of new impressions and an attempt to share it with spectators.

By now many author’s personal exhibitions took place as far as participations in collective art-projects.


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Валерий Мацюк - ученик Адольфа Лозы  

Случайное изображение

  • Графика: Оформление книг_4
  • Description: Графические иллюстрации В.Мацюка в книге «Листопадовий грiм» (Поэт В.Стельмах)
  • Портрет по фото; портрет на заказ_5
  • Description: Портреты на заказ по фотографии. Заказать портрет художнику
  • Натюрморт. Живопись натюрмортов. Купить картину с цветами_19
  • Description: Картины, натюрморты. Живопись на заказ. Продажа картин

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