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Welcome to the world of art and creation.


I am Valery Matsyuk and this is my personal web-page. I live and work in Odessa. Here you can find my work, which was done in different trends: photo, painting, etc. These works you can always find in the corresponding page -  painting, photo, design, etc.


Many people ask me – why do you need all these photos and paintings? It is not a profitable activity and there is a great amount of photographers while the value of photo is getting lower, but I am sure that the value of a real photo we can not take by money and cheques. If every artist had worked just for commercial intensions, we wouldn’t have heard such names, like Paul Gauguin, van Gogh, Modigliani and many others. Most of the artists, that are famous nowadays, lived in poverty the whole life, despite that, they did not leave their vocation, obviously because they did not want to trade their talent and individuality for money. Every artist is a brilliant personality, while a seller is a person, that can cover it’s personality under thousands of masks.


I am engaged in painting, work with photo because I feel that there is lack of real emotions and real actions in society nowadays. My specialization is a teacher and through my creation, being an example I am trying to teach how to see the beauty in ordinary things, trying to show that there is something else in our life besides ‘making money’. ‘Something else’ - is our life… That is what slips away from us striving for improvement. That is why for many years I am engaged in painting not for big orders, just to show beauty around us, of our city, of our land in my photos and pictures. I hope that after visiting my exhibitions someone will tell, that our world is beautiful, even we often abuse it.

My exhibitions were and always will be free-to-visit. I am always glad to see my constant visitors and wish to see new ones. I really appreciate any opinion about my works. There is always a suggestion book at my exhibitions where you can leave your comment and opinion. Later all of them will be published on my website and you can find them in “Exhibition” page. Also everyone can get acquainted to my participation in art-projects.


I want to express my thanks to every visitor for showing interest in my works. From the bottom of my heart I hope that everyone, who visited this web page will discover something interesting for them. I would like to hear any suggestion and remark in any question and that is why I will be glad you to contact with me via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also I am waiting for your remarks and requests about this website. 

Торты Одесса

Случайное изображение

  • Натюрморт с арбузом. Холст, масло. 50х60см.
  • Description:

    Картины, натюрморты. Живопись на заказ. Продажа картин

  • Парусник Америго Веспуччи в одесском порту__1
  • Description: Картина Парусник «Америго Веспуччи» в одесском порту. Холст масло. 150х100 см. 2014г.
  • Свадебная фотосъемка_13
  • Description: Фото свадеб

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